Why do I suddenly feel sleepy when I start studying?


Okay, we should stop pretending that we have never gone through this experience before. If you find yourself reading this article, the first thing you should know, is that you are a victim and you are looking for help, don’t worry am going to illustrate everything you have been doing wrong so that you can correct them. Below are some of the tips to help you understand why you feel sleepy while studying.

Taking milk when you are just about to study.
This is where we go wrong, when we want to study, we will tend to find something to drink before or during the study, avoid milk and if you have to, take coffee with no sugar, milk take a lot of our energy when being digested hence this will make us sleepy.

Not drinking water.
If you want to concentrate effectively, try keeping your body and brain hydrated, this also helps you to frequently get up because of the urge to urinate hence keeps you awake all time.

Stressing your body too much.
A lot of exercise and work out during the day will make your body tired at night and if you plan on reading at that time you will definitely fall asleep even after taking a shower.

Not taking a hot water bath.
Before you start to study you might need to take a hot water bath to keep you fresh and active and make sure that you apply on a body deodorant to keep all of your senses active.

Not taking music breaks frequently.
When reading, don’t strain yourself so much, that you just have to finish on a particular topic, if you feel tired take a break, you can get some snack to eat or even listen to music to keep your mind and brain active then you can go back to the studying again.

Not doing a lot of calculations at night.
If you are studying at night, choose subjects that will make you active, subjects like Maths and accounting; they are usually interesting and most importantly they keep you awake.

These are just but a few of the things you might be doing wrong, avoid them and do them as have stated , I assure you, no more dozing off while you are studying. Good luck.

Why Do I Suddenly Feel Sleepy When I Start Studying?
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