Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis statement examples

Below are examples of thesis statements that can help one learn how to write their own. Read through the categorized examples and learn how to write a good thesis statement. If you still find it difficult to writer one, contact us or hire an online essay writer here.


  • Capitalism is not an end to itself because it has brought great transformation in America.
  • Although the issue of trusteeship is essential to the development of a county, somehow these agents of trustees have failed in what was entrusted to them by the citizens.
  • black women living in Germany live a poverty stricken life because majority of them are in the informal kind of employment.


  • Many women in Britain are put off in politics by the out of date working practices of politics.
  • The reason why there are conflicts in the politics of America is because it has a partisan type of election.
  • American political parties are more loosely organized than those in other countries.
  • Family roles and responsibility affects women political ambitions because they do double work and luck enough time to concentrate in one job.
  • The urban place in Canada is historically and in its contemporary forms a masculine space because there is gender discrimination.
  • Most women in America who are holding high public offices in the political sphere have those opportunities because of democracy which is a female power structure that comes into context from a male power structure.



  • The urban place is a place of evil especially to the weaker sex and therefore women need to be guided to prevent immorality in the urban space.
  • Married women in America need to be paid for the domestic work that they do because women go through a lot of exploitation which in most cases is always not appreciated.
  • Exploitation of women labor is in the urban set up because women do double work unlike the men.
  • The problem of patriarchal society in Canada is unfair because it is an ideology that empowers men over women.
  • Black women voted president Obama deliberately because of white feminist in America.
  • Payment of dowry in America is unnecessary because it abuses feminine dignity.
  • Although women have been seen as agents of change through holding political office, acting as advocates and making decisions, they still lack equal representation in positions of power on the basis of the superior and inferior.



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