Shanty Town


Shanty towns are settlements that consist of poorly developed houses usually made from plastic sheets, corrugated metal or cardboard boxes. These kinds of settlements are commonly found on city edges or towns with large populations.

Shanty towns are common due to the following reasons/factors:

Lately, there has been an increase in the growth of these shanty towns with many left to wonder what factors may have led to their growth. The major contributing factor to the rise of shanty towns is the tremendous increase in the cost of living. A majority of people earn decent amount of income but end up with very little left to cater for their families. To reduce the expenditure, people opt to settle in shanty towns where houses are affordable.

images (20)Another factor that has given rise to these shanty towns is the increase in population. Countries are urbanizing rapidly which has led to people migrating from rural to urban areas. Today, half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. The driving force behind the migration includes seeking for better jobs, low agricultural income and the advantages associated with living in urban centers. This has led to the urban centers being over populated driving people to shanty towns with poor living conditions.

Another reason shanty towns continue to be on the rise is due to bad governance. People are migrating to urban centers rapidly than the urban planning process. This compromises the planning process as either the government lacks the tools or funds to deal with the rapid urbanization. This results in them finding some abandoned land and building up shanty houses before the government can be able to provide good housing for them. This acts as a gateway to emergence and growth of these shanty towns.The government should provide citizens with proper housing to control slums development and some health hazard conditions.

Shanty Town.