How to deal with bullies at school.

Boy being tripped up

This happens in every school, we should stop pretending that it’s normal because it’s not. A lot of students get hurt from being bullied. Rather than putting up with them, you can learn how to stop and defend yourself and protect others from going through the same thing. Just listen to the following tips and you will get yourself out of the bullying zone.

The first tip is never fight back a bully, bullies are attention seekers so don’t give them all that fun, if they approach you, learn to assume them and ignore them, no matter what they tell you don’t give them the fun of seeing you hurt or broken, just walk away.

Learn to ignore the mean comments they throw at you, keep your head up high and assume that it never happened. What they are really looking for is to kill your morale and self-confidence and instill fear in you, don’t let them put you down.

Be yourself and keep reminding yourself that you are the best, this will help you have courage and maintain your self-confidence, no matter how much someone is trying to destroy it and make you see yourself as a lesser person than them.

If you are easily the target, avoid walking alone; look for friends who can protect you whenever you are attacked. They usually tend to have more confidence when you are alone but when you are with a group of friends it’s hard for them to reach you.

Another safe thing to do from a physical bully is to run away, some usually have nothing to lose so if they approach you and you can’t defend yourself, just run away it’s safer that way.

Don’t fight back with a bully, it may make you get suspended, only defend yourself if you can’t get away or you are in a position that, that’s the only thing you can do to stop them from bullying you.

Another important thing you will have to do is to share your experience with some of the teachers who are you friends and even share them with your parents or anyone that you trust. Remember don’t keep it to yourself and also don’t let them have the fun of seeing you hurt.


How to Deal With Bullies at School.
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