Hiring a Tutor


Some students can only do better in class if they have someone back at home to tutor them. As parents before you hire a tutor, you need to know your kids weakness, then look for someone who is experienced and can make your kid gain confidence and trust in their own skills in any work they have to do. A good tutor has to make your kid(s) overcome their weakness and do better in those particular areas. Below are some things you should look at before hiring a tutor.

First, you should discuss your child’s school work with the teachers. Take time, go to school and conduct how your child is handling himself/herself from the teachers. Look for the subjects they are weak at then decide if you should hire a tutor or not.

Secondly, look for a tutor who will add confidence in your child and make them trust their own skills. Mostly it is advisable that you can hire the same teacher who teach them at school, this makes them catch up easily because of the familiar face and maybe if the teacher is their favorite.

Another thing, you should look for a warm, empathetic and education oriented tutor. Some tutors may take advantage of the opportunity they have to suck you dry but no better services delivered to your kids.

Lastly, look for someone who is open, honest and accountable for everything that your child is going through during the tutoring time. Look for someone who is effective in communication and is subject matter experts. Again they should be able to break down complex concepts and build understanding through standard teaching process.

Good parents should know how to help their kids, they shouldn’t see hiring a tutor as a waste of time and resources but as a ladder to their kids better education and understanding.

Hiring a Tutor.
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