Errors Made When Writing Essays.


Everyone makes these simple mistakes unknowingly, I spend so much time reading and writing essays and every time I notice these same mistakes, some say it is unavoidable because when you are writing you do not pay much attention to those smaller details, all you want is to finish your essay and submit it before the deadline. This article makes you familiarize with the simple mistake we make and ignore or rather the mistakes we do not see as mistakes.

These are the simple mistakes we make:

  1. Its/it’s

Students usually use these two words as if they are the same, you need to realize the difference in a sentence and what you need to know is that, “ITS”, is a possessive word meaning something belongs to it, while the word “IT’S”, simply means “it is”, so we should learn to differentiate them and use them where they should be used appropriately.

  1. Incomplete sentence.

I know you are now wondering, how can this be possible, it can, for you to have a complete sentence it should have a verb and if it is lacking a verb then it is not complete then you have no sentence but just words to fill your essay.

  1. Subject headings/titles.

You will be shocked when you find a student writing his/her heading like this, take these sentence as an example, “Not afraid” or “not afraid”, these are all wrong, it should be like this, “Not Afraid”. Learn from your mistakes.

  1. Spelling errors.

This is the biggest problem which almost everyone is a victim, we find ourselves using big words that clearly we do not know how they are written and we just insist on using them so that we can be seen learned or super smart, just use the normal words to avoid this mistake.

5. Plagiarism.

This is where you use someone words or phrases and you do not acknowledge them in your essay, or you present someone work as your own without you acknowledging them or where you found the information, it is wrong to do so, if you want to use someone else work just make sure you acknowledge them in that piece of work.


These are just but a few mistakes I have listed down and we should try so much to avoid them to make our essays more enjoyable to read.


Errors Made When Writing Essays.
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