Can Your Handwriting Affect Your Results?


Well, students these days are used to technology; they are more of typing, texting and tapping rather than the old ways of actual writing on a piece of paper. Your handwriting doesn’t really matter and  it is doubtable if it can really make you fail, though it helps you in some other way that you can’t imagine.

When a lecture is marking your paper and you have the neatest handwriting ever, they will be glad to work on your paper and won’t have a hard time marking. A student having a good handwriting is important due to the following reasons;

• If you handwriting is illegible, this will make the person marking your paper struggle to read what you have written and this will increase the chances of you not getting the grade you would have gotten because they can’t be read clearly hence not properly understood.

• Good handwriting also inspire confidence, students with bad handwriting will look for those who are known to have the best handwriting in school so that they can photocopy their notes during exams, the bad handwriting student don’t trust their own notes so they will read the neatly done work.

• Good handwriting also Aids in memory development, when you are reading a notebook with well written notes, your chances of grasping a lot of information is high than reading a poorly written work, because you are easily to lose interest when reading.

• The last point is that good handwriting makes your main points to be clearly seen even if the lecturer can’t read all of what you have written, they will clearly figure out what the main point is or what you were trying to talk about.


A lot of people will try to justify that bad handwriting can’t make you lose your grade but yes it can. It will depend on the subject. A good handwriting gives people the interest to see whatever you have written even if it’s full of crap.

Can Good Handwriting Count?
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